What are the benefits of using stevia?

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March 26, 2021
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Good health is the precious and crucial dimension of the good and healthy life. In present time, lifestyle is changing and dietary is also changed rapidity, many diseases are happening due to this, such as chronic and degenerative diet related diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and more. Throughout the modern generation I mean 21st century the health science focused on curing diseases with powerful medicine and high effective therapies. High drugs (medicines) may cause some serious side effects on health. Therefore, people and health science are believing more on ayurvedic medicine or on herbal products because it does not have any side effects. Number of countries using stevia as an ayurvedic medicine because of its health benefits.

Is Stevia really healthy?

Stevia is sweet plant, also know as sweet leaf. Its leaf traditionally used for the treatment of many diseases. Research shows that people of Indonesia used the stevia to sweeten medicines and beverage since 16th century. Today stevia is grown in many countries.

A component is found in stevia leaf which is called steviol glycosides. This sweetener sweeten beverage without giving extra calories. Stevia contain zero calories and it sweeten the food and drink up to 200 times. Tiny amount of stevia is enough to give a sweet taste.

Many good qualities found in stevia which are very beneficial for our health. By using the right amount of stevia, we can fight with diseases.

Benefits of stevia:

Stevia sweetens up the food without giving negative impact on health, Stevia includes serval benefits like control diabetic, weight loss, skincare, heart problem, blood pressure and much more. Let’s us explain the some of it benefits in detail.

Stevia control diabetes:

Normal table sugar is generally not good for any of us and for diabetic patient it can be poison. Stevia sugar substitute is natural. The researchers proven that stevia is safe for people with diabetes to use as a sugar.

Stevia is so low in calories that is technically a “zero-calorie” product. It sweetens the food same as sugar but it contains non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. You can say that stevia is blessing for diabetic patients, it will sweeten your tea, food and other beverage without adding carbohydrates. Some research suggest that consume stevia leaf extract daily might reduce blood sugar level.

Maintain cholesterol level:

Bad cholesterol accumulates in the blood stream and higher risk of experiencing blockage in the arteries and cardiovascular damage. Well, it’s true that the body does need some cholesterol to carry out its functions. When a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, its important that they start taking care of their diet immediately.

So, no need to worry about it, cholesterol level can be easily maintained just by adding stevia leaf extract in your diet. Consuming stevia every day will help you to lowered bad cholesterol, LDL (low-density lipoprotein) without any side effects and significantly increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. It is scientifically proven that stevia helps to maintain or control cholesterol level.

Weight loss:

Stevia contains zero calories and it is 200 times sweeter than sugar. This means that you can enjoy your favorite cake, cookies, tea and candies with stevia without gaining weight or fat and this is the one of the best benefits of stevia. You can enjoy your weight loss journey with this sweetener and also start healthy lifestyle. At the time of weight loss, we have to stop sugar, but with the help of stevia you can reduce the temptation or carving to eat sweet food. It will not make fat in your body because it is calories free.

Maintain blood pressure level:

As we know, stevioside elements found in stevia which is the type of glycoside, which helps to manage blood pressure level. The researchers suggest that using stevia stevioside daily will reduce the systolic blood pressure. It means, stevia can relax blood vessels and remove excess sodium from your body. It will protect your heart health, as well as prevent heart attack and strokes.

Tooth friendly:

Stevia leaf extract is tooth friendly because they do not produce acids that damage our tooth. Stevia is not ferment when it comes in touch or contact with oral bacteria. It does not produce lactic acid that causes cavities and other oral issue like tooth decay. Stevia has antibacterial property that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Good for skin:

It contains shining and tightening property which is very good for skin. Rather stevia used in anti-wrinkle products commercial. It makes you skin smoothen and glowing. Also provide younger looking skin. Most importantly stevia does not cause acne. It helps to reduce acne and dark sports.

Good for hair:

This herb prevents hair loss; it is a good for hair growth and thickness. Studies have shown that stevia makes our hair strong and health, it does not cause for hair loose. It’s a natural herb so its quotes less chance of any side effects. So, with the help of stevia you can grow strong and healthy hairs.


Stevia has antibacterial property which is good for dermatitis (eczema) You can apply this on affected area to inhibit the growth of infection. Stevia prevents rashes and acne, also it prevents cuts and would to get infected.

Improve immunity power:

Stevia has phytochemicals and various other components that help to improve the immune system. Consuming stevia every day may improve the immune power. It is safe and good for health.

So, above we have mentioned some benefits of stevia. We can use stevia in many ways and take the advantage of its properties. You can use it as medicine and use normally in your daily life and this herb is available in the market. But anything should be used accordingly. Whether it is herbal product or artificial product.

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