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stevia pedia about usStevia Pedia is an online platform created to educate people about the health benefits of using stevia. Stevia is used as an alternative to sugar, derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.

Added sugar can cause health issues like, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, heart problems, etc. Therefore, doctors restrict diabetic and heart patients from having sweets.

Sugar is an integral part of food and beverages. It not only added to desserts, confitures, confectioneries, or other liquid refreshments but can also be found in several unexpected food items such as sauce, peanut butter, processed bread, etc. Thus, excluding sugar from our daily meals is absolutely necessary.

Stevia is used as the popular substitute for sugar to relish the same taste in foodstuffs, eliminating the extra calories and health problems. It adds sweetness to the food items, providing various health benefits, such as reducing fat, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, etc.

We at Stevia Pedia share various recipes using stevia to help you satiate the sweet tooth without sugar. Here you will find mouth-watering recipes that are prepared with stevia instead of sugar.

Our sole purpose is to help you enjoy delicious foods in a healthier way.

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