Why stevia is better than table sugar?

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March 31, 2021
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                             Why stevia is better than table sugar?

Who doesn’t love sweet beverage? You will find sugar almost in everything like syrup, candy, cake, cold drink and so on. But too much glucose in the blood cause sugar highs followed, by drastic lows- leading to all kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Also, high amounts of fructose can increase the risk of cardiovascular.

According to the American heart association, sugar one should be consume daily is 150 calories per day enough for men and 100 calories per day for women. But the use of stevia as a sugar can manage or reduce the load of calories, using stevia daily will not harm your health. It can sweeten your food as sugar without any extra calories. However, it is crucial to know why stevia is better than table sugar.

Here is the table that will clear all your doubts:

                                                   Comparative analysis between stevia and table sugar



Table sugar

Calories Zero One tablespoon of sugar has about 60 calories
Help in weight loss Yes No
Side effects Bloating, dizziness, and numbness Wight gain, tiredness, heart disease, and risk if choric diseases
For diabetic patient Yes No
Form Stevia can be purchased in dried leaves, liquid, and powder forms Coarse, powder, and superfine forms
Extracted from Stevia leaves Sugar cane or sugar beet
Farming Easy Difficult to grow
Safety profile The food and drug administration (FDA) allowed stevia to be imported and sold as a food supplement but not as sweetener. In December 2008, the FDA declared stevia is safe to use as sugar substitute. Using stevia during pregnancy is safe Studies show that consumption of normal table sugar is not safe for health
Availability Easily available in the market Easily available in the market
Effect of heat Heat stable Not heat stable
Medical purpose You can use stevia as medical purpose. No sugar is not safe
Dental safety Yes No
Uses Stevia can be used as a sweetener almost in anything like







Cold drinks or in another beverage

Sugar can also be used same as stevia

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