What are the usage of stevia?

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March 26, 2021
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Stevia is much sweeter than sugar and it does not have a glycemic load like sugar. This natural sugar substitute has up to 200 times the sweetness of sugar. It is totally natural herbs and does not contain sweeting agent. You can use stevia in many beverage, it will taste like sweet without being sugar. Not only in recipes, there is lots of usage of stevia.

What is stevia?

Stevia is also known as Stevia rebaudiana. It is naturally extracted from stevia plant. Stevia was first commercially produced in Japan by the Japanese firm Morita Kagaku Kogyo co. Ltd in 1971. But now this herb is cultivated in many other countries, like India, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Argentina. Mostly Produced in Paraguay, Kenya, China and the United States.

Some studies proven that it helps to balance blood pressure level, blood sugar level, cholesterol level and so on. Stevia is gaining popularity as it is safer alternative for sugar.

Usage of stevia:

Stevia is natural form of a sweetener because it does come from a leaf. It will sweeten the food, drink or other beverage without giving extra calories. If you are a diabetic or are on a diet then sugar is your worst enemies. But no worries stevia is the perfect sugar alternative for you.

So, now we will discuss the usage of stevia.

Stevia in beverage

Billion of people in the world begins their day by drinking hot tea or coffee. More than 50% of adult population drink tea or coffee in every single day. To sweeten their tea or coffee, people add a sweetener (majority of people use normal table sugar), milk or cream, sweeteners which increases the number of calories in the body which is not good for our health.

No worries! I will not ask you to stop drinking tea or coffee. Drink ether tea or coffee every day, but you have to take care of heath with it.

Replace regular table sugar in both tea and coffee with stevia. It’s a perfect alternative for sugar, it will sweeten your hot tea or coffee without adding carbohydrates. Stevia tastes like a sugar and easily dissolve in any beverage. This sweet leaf is boon for everyone.

Usage of stevia in cooking and baking:

Sugar can be replaced with stevia while cooking and baking. Don’t worry, you do not have to change the recipe or other ingredients just use stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is an amazing taste, super sweet with no calories, and it’s all natural. You can completely replace sugar with stevia or can also use a half-half amount of both.  Stevia will not change the taste of dish.

It’s made from the stevia plant and it’s a really helpful way to add sweetness to your dishes without refined sugar. This herb is easily to dissolve and you can incorporate it into a lot of different dishes like smoothies, sauces, cheesecake, pies, cookies, other beverage, in such recipes you can use stevia instead.

Certain recipes require the bulk of whole sweeteners to create the right texture or end result, with such recipes you may need to do experiment with stevia only after that you can the exact quantity of stevia in such recipes. Also you can make your recipes by adding half sugar and half stevia.

Also, stevia can be used for medical purposes such as treating diabetes, lowering blood pressure, for weight loss, for water retention and so on.

Stevia is not only safe and perfect alternative of sugar, also found natural compounds that provide various health benefits. Add stevia in your favorite beverage and enjoy pleasantness.

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