What are the different forms of stevia?

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April 7, 2021
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About stevia plant:

About stevia plantStevia or sweet leaf, a charming plant, and one of the treasures of the New World. Its original home in South America, and it is a perennial herbaceous plant. Stevia leaves contain a group of substances with a sweet taste that exceeds the proportion of sweetness in regular sugar, and they are called “steviosides”. Stevia leaves do not contain calories. Therefore it is considered safe and ideal for sweetening foods. In the market you can find different forms of stevia.

South America, especially the countries of Paraguay and Brazil, is the original home of stevia, where there are more than 200 plant species of the Stevia family. The rebaudiana type is the only type that is unique to its concentrated sugar content.  Steviosides, which is a super-sweet glycosidic substance, its composition. The chemical contains “steviol / glycoside”.

Stevia has grown in popularity for its lack of almost any calories and also does not contain carbohydrates or any industrial ingredients. It has also been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Stevia consider as safe for health in its condition.

Stevia benefits:

As a sugar substitute, it offers benefits that make stevia a useful addition to your diet. Some of its benefits:


This sweetness comes from the aforementioned plant ingredients steviol / glycosides. It is 200 times sweeter than refined sucrose. Even the smallest amounts of stevia are thus completely sufficient to replace crystal sugar over a large area.

For example, 20 grams of stevia is sweet enough to make a cake that requires several hundred grams of sugar according to the recipe.


Given this sweetener’s power, it is not surprising that it can be the favorite in diet food. It can make your diet food sweeter without adding calories in your food. If you are fitness freak or sweet food lover but not able to eat because of calories. Also, extra calorie foods are not good for our health, then stevia is ideal for you all.

Healthy teeth:

The most dangerous effects of a diabetic diet include permanent dental damage. Sucrose and other sugars like glucose and fructose provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn contribute to plaque and tooth decay.

The situation is completely different with stevia, sweet plant materials provide harmful bacteria with a much worse distribution source.

It should inhibit its growth due to its content of plant pigments chlorophyll and vitamin C. Stevia, as a substitute for sugar, can thus strengthen mouth flora and help you avoid tooth damage.

For diabetics:

Its strength as a sweetener makes stevia an alternative for diabetics. These rely on avoiding greater amounts of sugar. Diabetic patient can use stevia without worrying about calorie level. It is totally safe to use, rather it is called a boon for diabetic patient.

Maintain blood sugar level:

A study conducted in 2003 showed that stevia sugar works to reduce high pressure to its normal level, because it contains compounds known as “glycosides”, which work to dilate vessels, and improve the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the various organs of the body.

Stevia also has other benefits like good for skin, hair, and so on.

Different forms of stevia:

Different forms of steviaMany of the foods we eat, such as sweets, juices, cake, etc. contain sugar and artificial sweeteners that are very harmful to human health and lead to many serious diseases, such as diabetes, digestive problems, pancreatic cancer, and other common diseases. These sweets are not limited to a specific category of foods, as they are found in baby foods, diet foods and regular foods. Therefore, in order to avoid falling victim to these sweeteners, the alternative solution came through a natural plant called Stevia, which was announced by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States that saves you from sugar and artificial sweeteners.

You can get different forms of stevia in market. It is available in:

Any form of stevia can be used to replace normal table sugar or other sweeteners. Use stevia syrup, drops, powder or leaves in drinks, hot or cold sauces, salad dressings or soup.

The most amazing thing is that you can grow stevia at home or in garden. With help of stevia plant, you can make your own stevia extract, syrup or powder. Stevia makes our life more healthy and easier.

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