Nursery of stevia plant

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March 31, 2021
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Nursery of stevia plant

Stevia plant is prepared by grafting and seed.  For good harvest, the plant should be prepared by grafting, make nursery in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

To prepare a plant, choose a grafting with 4-5 bales of length 10-15 cm.

Cuttings should be treated before transplanting.

At the beginning of the rain or spring season, keep half of the grafting inside the ground and apply it at a distance of 15-15 centimeters.

After planting, adding vermicompost or cow dung manure to the soil makes the plant good.

After transplanting, light irrigation should be done in the morning and evening from nursery for 5 days.

After this, irrigate at a difference of 15 days, the roots of the plant are ready in 10-15 days by maintaining shade and moisture in the nursery of stevia plant. A plant with 5-7 leaves is suitable for planting in the field.

When the plant is 6 to 8 weeks old, then plant it in the field.

The months of March April and July August are good for this work, because at this time the plants do not feel much heat and cold.

Transplanting is done in 15 cm high and 60 cm wide beds. Transplanting is done at 30–40 or 45–45 cm distance.

In this way 75 thousand plants are needed for 1 hectare field. Irrigation is needed after transplanting. The rest of the irrigation depends on soil and rain.

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