How to store stevia?

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April 7, 2021
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Consuming normal table sugar or other sweeteners are not good for our health. No worries, you can replace unhealthy sugar with stevia. Everyone should store stevia at home because this herb is calories free and totally safe to use.


Stevia plant

Stevia is extremely high in sweetness. The sweetness of its sugar is 200 times that of sucrose. It has been recognized as a plant saccharin in the world.

Modern science proves that stevia has a good prevention and treatment effect on patients with hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. Consuming stevia can relieve mental fatigue, promote metabolism, and be beneficial to human health. It is a modern safe and healthy sugar.

Its leaves are rich in stevioside. The purified stevioside tastes like white sugar, but sweetness of stevia is 200 times higher than white sugar. This plant has no calories.

However, with the development of science, it is found that saccharin has a great adverse effect on the human body.

The discovery and utilization of stevia has brought good news to mankind. The test results showed that stevia not only has no adverse effects on the human body. On the contrary, it also has medicinal values ​​such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening the body, and curing pityriasis. It not only won the championship of the “sweet world”, it is also called “Fashionable desserts”.

How to store stevia:

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. You can store stevia syrup, dried leaves, tablets, and liquid in air-tight jar containers or in plastic. Stevia should always be keep on a clean and dry place and take care of the temperature wherever you are keeping it. You can store it at semi-humid area.

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