How to grow stevia plant in pot

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April 2, 2021
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How to grow stevia plant in pot

Can stevia be grown in pot? It’s a very common question that people ask. So, yes! you can grow stevia plant in pot. If you are fond of planting ornamental or useful plants in your garden, then you can plant stevia. It will not only enhance the beauty of your garden, but can also take advantage of its medicinal properties.

Stevia is a medicinal plant, also known as the sugar plant. This plant can be easily grown in pots, or in the fields. So today we are telling you how to grow stevia plant rich in health properties. Characteristics of the plant Stevia leaves are sweet to eat, which diabetic patients use to make their tea or coffee sweet. It is a calorie-free medicinal plant about 200 times sweeter than sugar, which also relieves teeth and gum diseases. The 15 minerals-salts and vitamins present in it make it distinctive.

Growing stevia in pot:

1. For this, The growth of the crop is good when the temperature is 15 to 30 degrees Celsius and 70 to 80 percent humidity. It cannot be cultivated in colder climates. Stevia does really well in full sun but not very hot. Semi-humid climate is perfect for stevia plantation.

2. You can change the location of pot. If it’s really hot then you can it in more shades of area.

3. At the time of planting, soil is prepared by mixing nitrogen, phosphorus and potash with cow dung in the soil itself. You may not need to add much water to stevia plant, whenever potting soil feels dry then pour water into it.

4. For this sandy, loam soil having pH value between 5 to 7 is suitable. It needs a well drained soil.

5. Although this plant does not have insects or diseases, but due to lack of an element called boron on the leaves, spots develop. To prevent insects, neem oil is dissolved in water and sprayed.

6. Harvested Stevia plants after about 90 days of planting, can be broken for use.

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