How to use stevia in tea?

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April 5, 2021
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Stevia is obtained from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The leaves of the stevia plant are approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, which has been used as a sweet and herbal supplement for centuries. This is the natural way to get sweetness. Since it has medicinal properties, it helps to control diabetes despite being sweeter than sugar. We can use stevia in tea, coffee or any other beverage. It will sweeten the drink or food without giving extra calories.

How to use stevia in tea?

We have multiple ways to use stevia in tea. But here we will see how fresh and dried stevia leaves can be used in tea.

Fresh leaves of stevia:

Fresh stevia leaves in tea


1. Pinch 1-4 leaves from the top of a branch to sweeten a cup of tea. Taking leaves from the top will encourage lateral growth and plant pusher.

2. Blast the fresh leaves along with your tea bag in one cup of hot water.





Dried stevia leaves:

Dried stevia leaves in tea1. Take water and put 4 or 5 Fresh stevia leaves of stevia and boil it for a while (at least for 2 mins). You can increase the number of leaves according to your taste.

2. After that you can add your tea leaf, milk and other ingredient. Boil it and sieve it by strainer.

Just like we make normal tea, in the same way we can make tea by using stevia. You just have to use stevia products such as stevia extract or stevia powder instead of normal sugar. Whether you can use fresh stevia leaves, dried leaf powder and dried leaves.

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